Is chiropractic medicine the ultimate pain relief practice?

The Chiropractic procedure is meant to correct the alignment of the body to help relieve pain and improve the body’s function. Chiropractors are trained to help treat the many pain issues from back pain to leg pains and headaches.

Chiropractic has been used as a highly effective way to bring relief for all types of pain. Depending on the source and level of pain the patient may have, most patients may feel immediate relief after their first visit to the chiropractor. Some patients may also experience a sense of stiffness and soreness afterwards but advised to follow some forms of physical exercise. The pain usually fades within a day.

One of the most common chiropractic treatments is the spinal adjustment or manipulation. Most chiropractic offices offer an extensive range of treatments including exercise, manual therapies, ergonomic training, ultrasound vibration, laser therapies and more.


There are many ways to adjust the patient’s position and restore balance and movement. Chiropractors use various techniques from hand manipulation to high-tech instruments that produce minor impulses. Chiropractors also work with primary care doctors, surgeons and pain experts to help treat patients with severe pain.

For most treatments, it takes about five to ten minutes per treatment at least two to three times a week. This is for the chiropractor to attempt in changing the spinal pattern which requires time and repetition.

Chiropractic treatment has a high success rate and is a safe alternative to prescription drugs and surgery. It is proven to relieve most types of pain as many patients have claimed to receive immediate relief after the chiropractic treatment.

While a chiropractic treatment may help aid in relief, your chiropractor may still advise you to change your posture and biomechanics along with other suggested methods of treatment. The ultimate goal of chiropractic is to help bring pain relief and help patients manage their condition throughout their day-to-day lifestyle.